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    Balloon, to us, is an object that symbolises freedom; so positive
    it's not used at funerals. Modern-day balloon was invented
    by Michael Faraday—yeah, the guy that invented motor
    car and electricity—smart dude. The core objective of the
    brand is to spark a light that never dims in anyone that
    comes across it— to be the best version of who they are.
    To embrace the life they live. To live boldly.
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    The numerical lookee-likee of INSPO. The One(1) stands for I; in the spirit
    of keeping it all numeric, since there's no number that looks like N, the tally
    system was adopted—4 sticks and 1 stroke, which equals 5. The second 5
    for the letter S, the nine(9) for (inverted) P, and the zero(0) for O.
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    People of the world, I encourage you to love your body, take
    care of it, treat it well, show it off, be strong, feed it, water it.
    If you don't look after your body, you will have nowhere to live.
    -Jason Vale
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