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About Me

The numerical lookee-likee of INSPO. The One(1) stands for I; in the spirit
of keeping it all numeric, since there's no number that looks like N, the tally
system was adopted—4 sticks and 1 stroke, which equals 5. The second 5
for the letter S, the nine(9) for (inverted) P, and the zero(0) for O.

I want to live my life in a way that if you saw me hanging with a rope around my neck, you'd assume it's one of my extreme tricks and tell yourself, "...no, he's too fond of himself to do that". Then tap me and say you don't fall for my tricks—at least not anymore.
I'll be riding shotgun with myself till forever, and the day after that. Stick around and you'd see what I mean. If you need me, you know where I'd be. PO!

  • Name : INSPO
  • Alias : 1-5-5-9-0 (The Buzz)
  • Phone : (234) 90 2462 4517
  • Email : inspo@theballooninc.com
  • Address : I want to be in your heart


Trust us to pull off a smooth delivery in any of the services below and more...


UI/UX Development

We help people get the cyber visibility they deserve for their businesses, through build of web applications, inventory softwares, digital marketing etc.


We guarantee a safe-keeping of what you've spent so much resources and effort on. Supplying server space for storage of Web sites on the Internet, and provision of ancillary services



Web Hosting



Graphic Design

Versed in skills of digital representation of our clients' imagination. Through the art of integrating text, typography, and illustrations

Motion Picture



We Code   •   We Create   •   We Design   •   We Entertain


Welcome to my gallery. I'm an art collector, as you can obviously see😜... alright, here's that part I get to say something funny so you can giggle... uhm..., "something funny".


I'm a friendly. BUZZ me anytime, holmes.

  • CALL
    (234) 90 2462 4517
    In Your Heart.
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